In Meyrin

In Meyrin

“Psychomotricity does not concern motor function as such, but rather what motor function represents, that is to say the personality in action” Ajuriaguerra



What is it?

Psychomotricity is a holistic therapy of the body. It is concerned with an individual’s development in its entirety, in its mind-body connection and its identity, as well as with the subject’s interactions with their environment. It studies the totality of motor behaviours according to their links with cerebral activity and physical, emotional, intellectual and interpersonal aspects of a person’s life, at all ages. The body is therefore considered to be the anchorage point of the individual’s sensorimotor, emotional, cognitive and social experiences.

Who is it for?

Psychomotricity can be applied to people of all ages. It concerns just as well infants, children, adolescents, adults or seniors for whom there is a concern about their development, learning or behaviour. The beneficiaries can exhibit psychiatric, psychological, cognitive, behavioural, neurologic, sensorial, motor or developmental troubles etc. The treatment plan can be therapeutic, re-educational, preventative or with the aim of finding a sense of well-being. By focusing on body language, the objective of psychomotricity is to accompany the individual as they become aware of their body and their emotions and find or re-find the possibility of connecting with themselves and others.


The work of a psychomotor therapist is based on movement, action, verbal and non-verbal communication, emotions and representations, notably the body’s experiences, space and time and on one’s own mind-body engagement using meditative techniques (relaxation, expression techniques (of the body, rhythmical, artistic etc.), re-educational techniques, graphomotricity, therapeutic touch, mediation through games, water etc.). They accompany the subject in their ability to perceive, act, be and symbolise.



L'Escale, the psychomotricity centre is located on l'Esplanade des Récréations 20, in Meyrin.

This centre is managed by Hi-Foundation and can be hired for activities of a similar nature to psychomotricity practices.

There are currently 4 psychomotor therapists in the private practice, who are accredited by the State of Geneva or are in the process of obtaining accreditation, offering psychomotricity sessions for babies, children, adolescents, adults and seniors, individually or in a group. 

Juliette Salaices Descombes

Eva Crisafulli

Marielle Félix.Emery

Aurélie Remund

Cabinet de Massage classique: Julian Papenheim

Cabinet de Shiatsu: Mathieu Chappuis

Coaching générative and NLP: Hedi Roulin